Lunatic — Welcome!

If you are looking for documentation on Lunatic, the Lua-based scripting system for EDuke32 currently in development, you’ve come to the right place.

lunatic-aux: Standalone LuaJIT+LPeg, LunaCON and utilities

Version 2013-09-06 | SHA1: 0e86ff1d6d8d7a0cd4c13aafdb6ac2a2a947adf9

Version 2013-09-21 | SHA1: 16c9034ccf8e1ef5186c6024c291ae5f14f757bc

Patchsets for various EDuke32 mods

Below are links to sets of patches against official releases of various EDuke32 mods/TCs. These patches mostly fix issues that were exposed using LunaCON.

The easiest way of using a patchset is to create a local Git repository for each mod and apply the containing patches using “git am”.

$ mkdir DukePlus_Lunatic && cd DukePlus_Lunatic && git init .
$ wget
$ unzip  # creates directory 'diffs'
$ git am diffs/*.patch

The number of patches includes the initial commit, which adds the original files to the repository.

Sonic 3D v0.3, 2 patches